How I Work

© Stephanie Turin (2015)

© Stephanie Turin (2015)

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
— C.G. Jung

Holistic, client-centered and practical

My work is centered around helping you address challenges, alleviate symptoms and develop skills and strategies to support you in navigating the unique landscape of your life.

Guided by Carl Jung’s vision of the human psyche, my perspective is rooted in analytical psychology, a branch of psychodynamic theory. Integrating elements of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) where necessary, can be useful to alter unadaptive habits and thought patterns. By setting small achievable objectives and providing structure for your therapeutic journey, I focus on paving the path towards deeper levels personal development and understanding.

 Given the appropriate attention and curiosity, I believe every challenge contains the potential for growth.


As a fully bilingual and bicultural psychologist, I can easily accommodate both expat and local clients in English, German and Swiss German.  Personal experience with issues of cultural identity and integration inform my work with expats, third culture children and their families.

Guidance, Mentorship and Coaching for Adolescents

The developmental stages of adolescence (ca. 12-19 years) and emerging adulthood (ca. 19-25 years) bring about a unique set of challenges and concerns. With first-hand experience in both Swiss public schools and the international school community, I am familiar with the college application process, including the rigors an AP / IB / Matura curriculum, selection of career, major and apprenticeships, standardized testing and extracurricular activities. I have navigated both a North American and Swiss University environment, allowing me unique insight and the ability to draw comparisons between the two systems and mindsets.

Themes addressed in counselling may include:

  • test-taking anxiety, school-related phobias
  • ADHD coaching
  • mediating expectations between student and parents
  • life-school balance and stress
  • transitioning from home to college (for both parents and students)
  • time management and procrastination
  • social issues (e.g. bullying, isolation, integration)
  • relationship issues (e.g. conflict, communication)
  • personal issues (addiction, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, identity crisis)

Personal and Interpersonal Concerns

Perhaps you're going through a career-change, a life transition, a break-up, a big move or simply a slump in inspiration and motivation. If you're looking for a supportive, challenging and non-judgmental environment to work through your current situation, counselling is right for you. Sessions may be conducted as an individual or as a couple / group.

Vocational, educational, relational and personal concerns may include:

  • vocational concerns (e.g. re-training, aptitude, loss of a job, difficult office dynamic)
  • life-work balance and stress (burnout syndrome)
  • ADHD coaching for adults
  • social issues (e.g. bullying, isolation, integration)
  • cultural adjustment / culture shock
  • relationship concerns (incl. navigating alternative relationship styles)
  • depression, anxiety and panic
  • substance or behavioral addictions
  • identity crisis and self-esteem


Crisis Counselling

Are you going through an emotionally significant event or radical change in the status of your life? Maybe a situation has reached a critical or untenable phase. In such circumstances, crisis counselling may be right for you. Offered for individuals, couples or families.